Hilda Margery Clarke FRSA

A fourth selection of Margery's paintings from her world tour:
shown at her own First Gallery exhibition, 13-27 March 2004

Rough Peak 315x400 mm

Ship Ahoy 300x520 mm

School Outing 430x241 mm

Seated Man 140x155 mm

Street Singer, Oslo 382x324 mm
- lots of musical activity went on in this square close to the harbour, including guitarists and ethnic drummers.

Story Time 188x240 mm
- the teacher is dressed up for National Day. Having been taken round Trondheim Cathedral, the children went to the Art Gallery nearby to see some pictures and then listen to a story.

Walkies 199x140 mm

Watching The Tender 220x125 mm
- the announcement that a boat was approaching with a passenger caused a rush out to the ship's rails, except for those who watched through the window from the warmth of the Panorama Deck.
Windy Day, Pegwell Bay 461x246 mm - almost adjoins Ramsgate, separated from it by a stretch of cliffs. This particular day the wind had whipped up the sea until it looked like a mass of moving ragged leaves of paper.
Huts In Snow 87x130 mm - the rail journey from Bergen to Oslo is "out of this world". It sets off in the lush spring growth of Bergen and climbs up to the rarefied atmosphere of snow and deserted summer huts before descending once more to spring.
Lyngen Alps I 110x240 mm (see also Lyngen Alps II in first selection)
- running for miles and miles along the north Norway coast, mysterious under the strange silent light.

White Peaks, Kirkenes 195x170 mm

At Sea 540x570 mm

Ramsgate Beach 295x413 mm
Fire On Board I 512x496 mm (see also Fire On Board II in first selection, and III not shown) - excitement of fire starting between ports in the engine room. The vessel limped into Hav°ysund. Everything was orderly. At breakfast we were told to go to our cabins and collect outdoor wear. We quietly assembled at the entrance deck when we reached port. Tables with hot drinks and refreshments were set up on the quayside as we disembarked. The firemen running with the hose is not factual. No-one showed any sign of haste and firemen just wandered about! It took a little time to cool the engine which was then out of action for the rest of the trip. This was not a problem as there were other engines, although there was no more "full steam ahead".

All photographs of the 2004 Exhibition by Joe Low (+44) (0)23 8079 0187

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