Hilda Margery Clarke FRSA

A third selection of Margery's paintings from her world tour:
shown at her own First Gallery exhibition, 13-27 March 2004

Park Playground 235x125 mm
- this little park is situated just off the far end of Ramsgate's Royal Promenade, entered through a shrubbery.

Pillar Box 250x125 mm

Pleasurama Site 286x256 mm
- the blue hoarding surrounds the site of a now demolished complex. Local controversy is raging unsuccessfully against what has been granted planning permission to replace it... some sort of hotel, 5-storey apartments and leisure centre with a metal roof reaching 10ft above the cliffs.

- an imaginary scene, although we did once witness a puppet-show near the Harbour House.
Punch & Judy 277x125 mm

Ramsgate Harbour 432x212 mm

Ramsgate View 1: 1220x470 mm
- based on the panorama from the end of Nelson Terrace, above the harbour. The turreted house is by Pugin.

Ramsgate View 2: 293x174 mm

Reculver Castle 145x212 mm
- reputed to be where Christianity began in England. The building presumably used to be some way back from the edge of the cliffs where it now stands. It is no longer used but the monks' graveyard is undisturbed. The present building was reconstructed by Trinity House after it fell down, as it had been a landmark for sailors. The couple reading seem to be unimpressed by their historic surroundings!
Seagull 125x165 mm - the statue commemorates the organ master of Tromso Cathedral, Adolf Thomsen (1852 - 1903) who composed a famous Norwegian hymn eg veit meg eit bad (you translate it: I can't!)

All photographs of the 2004 Exhibition by Joe Low (+44) (0)23 8079 0187

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