Hilda Margery Clarke FRSA

A second selection of Margery's paintings from her world tour:
shown in “The First” Gallery exhibition   13 – 27 March 2004

National Day Flags 310x215mm



Approach to Ramsgate 507x134mm


Arcade of Shops 270x217mm


Arcade of Shops, Ramsgate - reached from Nelson Terrace and down a flight of steps, embellished with decorated cast-iron lampstands.  Nowadays it is mostly café’s but in its Victorian heyday it must have been a delightful clutch of little shops.

Arches 910x415mm



Berlevag 590x350mm - to me this was the strangest place we visited.  Each time, we arrived past midnight, in the mysterious half-light. Along the mole at the harbour entrance were set all these curious objects, looking like Henry Moore sculptures.  It seems the stormy seas are so strong that the harbour defences kept being washed away until cement tetrahedra were designed and laid as strengtheners all along the mole.  Under the water these looked like seals or other amphibious creatures moving around, though in fact they were still.  The design seems to have solved the problem.

Blue Cafe 330x235mm


Blue Café - situated at the beginning of Ramsgate Sands, happy with its remarkable roof.

Departure 311x140mm - based on view from my flat in Nelson Terrace.


Down & Out 110x77mm


Lady on Panorama Deck 220x240mm


Bridge 180x135mm


Mother & Child on Board 125x230mm


Nelson Terrace, Ramsgate 285x190mm


Norway 603x728mm


Norwegian Band 720x440mm


Norwegian Band - two bands greeted our arrival on National Day.  The first, at Ornes, was clad in transparent mackintoshes over their uniforms, with bystanders in national dress protected by umbrellas.  There were families with little children, some carrying national flags, muffled up in Norwegian woollies.  The painting represents the second band, in Bodř around mid-day in the sunshine.  By then festivities were in full swing with national dancing to yet another band and a wreath-laying ceremony by the Captain on a quayside memorial (I never did find out for whom).

All photographs of the 2004 Exhibition by Joe Low (+44) (0)23 8079 0187

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